USB A Female to Mini 5 pin (B5) Male Adapter

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This adapter with female Type A and a male Mini B5 pin on opposite sides is perfect for converting type A male USB cable to a male mini B 5 pin connector.

When connecting two devices together, it is essential to have a host, such as a computer, on one end and a downstream peripheral device such as a printer or camera on the other. The host device normally utilizes a standard type A port while the down stream peripheral device makes use of a Type B or some variant of mini or micro type B. Connecting two downstream devices to each other without a host will lead to no response. In a similar fashion, if two host devices are connected together, they will conflict with each other as there are no proper drivers available for one host to control another. To connect a downstream device directly to another downstream device, hub must be used to allow the secondary device to utilize the first device to have an unrestricted access to the host.

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