About Us

Curve Cables LLP is a Singapore incorporated company specializing in the sale of computer and electronic device cabling. Our direct model commences and ends with our customers. We are focused on building a brand to deliver quality products at lower prices, while delivering an exceptional customer service experience.

In addition, customer-focused convenience is our key driver for establishing a mature online experience to serve Singapore and the wider South East Asia region. We make the customer-focus model possible through the implementation of the following key strategies:

Our Vision
  • To leverage technology and local talent to deliver a low friction and reduced effort experience for the purchasing of cables throughout South East Asia.

Our Mission
  • To bring quality products at honest prices to customers throughout South East Asia.
  • To build a brand recognized for its excellence in customer service.
  • To offer Singapore a mature and effective online shopping experience.

Our values
  • Best Quality Products: Quality is a high priority at Curve Cables. All products are on-boarded through a strict quality control process. Therefore, we are confident in providing a lifetime warranty for all our cables.
  • Cost Saving: We ship directly from storage within Singapore, avoid fancy packaging and middlemen, while serving customers primarily through our website. This results in lower costs, allowing us to pass onto the customer lower prices for the best quality products.
  • Convenience & Perfect Choices: We understand the importance of options. Curve aims to offer the customer a wide array of functioning products without additional listings for the functionally same product. This results in the freedom of commerce without the annoyance of product differentiation concerns.
  • Monitor & Control: We will only sell products we deem of high quality. Our high quality definition must be earned through our rigorous testing process. Beyond our own quality control procedures, we always choose certified suppliers and demand environmental friendly certifications (such as Rohs).
  • Superior Service: Service is our absolute priority, we stock inventory locally so you receive your product in the least possible time. All customers, from the retail individual to the incorporated body will receive the same great service, from enquiry through to product delivery and ongoing support.

Our cables facilitate the best possible performance from your equipment without paying inflated prices. We trust you will enjoy our website and our cables. We look forward to your business.